Entering and reviewing data

After selecting a population, Profiler will draw a scatter plot for each persona showing the persona's percentile rank for each measure in relation to the population. This allows you to compare personas to the population and each other and gives you insight into the variations in rank for just one person.

Comparing a persona to a population

  1. For each of the relevant measures do the following:
    1. Hover over the row.
    2. Click the field in the persona column and enter the measurement value in the indicated unit.
  2. View the persona's percentile rank in the chart.
  3. Hover over the row to see the exact percentile rank.

Comparing multiple personas

In order to compare multiple personas you may add additional persona columns. Their percentile ranks will be plotted similarly to the first persona and can be reviewed in the same manner.

Adding a persona

  1. Click the + button next to the rightmost persona name.
  2. Enter the measurment values ('Comparing a persona to a population').

Removing a persona

  1. Hover over the name of the persona.
  2. Click the - button.

Undoing and redoing changes

  1. Press the Control + Z keys (Command + Z on macOS) to undo any changes.
  2. Press the Control + Y keys (Command + Shift + Z on macOS) to redo any changes that have been undone.

Note: You can undo any changes you make to your analysis. This includes changes to measurement values as well as the personas, population and measures.