Mannequin is a user-friendly tool for 3D surface anthropometry. The platform allows designers, without the need for an engineering background, to comprehensively explore 3D shape variation from a database of 3D scans and to create 3D design manikins that can be downloaded and further employed in computer-aided design software for product sizing.


The Mannequin user interface consists of a number of panels:

  • Central in the toolbar, we have the population panel, where the study population is chosen. It also provides functionality for selecting an age group or range and including one or both genders.
  • Below the toolbar, we have the persona panel. Here, the set of key measures is selected and a number of personas or groups can be defined. In order to create a 3D manikin, you have to fill in all the measures for that persona or group.
  • At the bottom left, we have the scatter plotting panel. This plot allows you to explore the data distribution and correlation for the different key measures. The plot also shows the position of the manikins or groups within the population.
  • At the bottom right, we have the 3D view panel for interactive 3D visualisation of the manikins. Tools are provided for manipulating the camera to inspect the manikins from several angles. For groups, you can here add manikins to show different shape variations within the groups.
  • On the right of the toolbar, we have the download panel to download manikin data, scatter plots, and STL-files of the manikins.
  • As with other DINED tools, there is an analyses panel, on the left at the toolbar, providing functionality to save your analyses for later reference.

More information

More information about the inner workings of the Mannequin tool can be found in the documentation section: Mannequin.