Using reach envelopes

Determining reaching envelopes in the vertical plane is simple using the tool.

Select population

  1. Select a population from the population dropdown. Note: the tool provides three age groups, each divided into two height groups.

Determine reach envelopes

  1. Do any of the following:
    • Find the mean, standard deviation, P5 and P95 values in the table.
    • Click any of the values in the table to view their position in the graph.
    • Drag the indicator in the graph to any position to see the exact value.
    • Set a value using the horizontal distance and vertical distance fields to check whether this is within reach.
  • The blue area in the graph denotes the difference in maximum reach for P5 and P95.
  • The green area in the graph denotes the difference in comfortable reach for P5 and P95.